a little goes a long way

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been enjoying practicing yoga with Adriene, whose free videos I watch on Youtube. She often says “a little goes a long way.” It’s an encouragement to add yoga into your life, even if only in a small way. A few minutes of stretching and breathing can make a big difference in your day.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of a little going a long way, not just in terms of yoga, but in all areas of life. One of the biggest benefits of making time for yoga is not necessarily the physical action of the poses, but the intention of taking time to care for yourself and your body. So often we can find ourselves saying “I’m too busy to do blank” even if it isn’t true.

A Single Flower of Otto's Thrill Dahlia Brings Me Joy on a Shelf in My Studio

Earlier this summer I painted my toenails for the first time in years. Not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I’m always “too busy”. Since I’ve made time for the few minutes it takes, I’ve enjoyed my colorful toes.

Maybe something like nail polish seems frivolous, but I don’t think so. Again, it’s the intention of taking time for myself that’s important.

There are so many little ways we can do this all it takes is mindfulness. Intention. Thought.

Liz Lamoreux posted a great list of 15 minute self care moves on her blog this week. Her suggestions are simple and nourishing. I’d add cut some flowers for the house, snuggle with a four legged friend and go for a walk to her list.

My Black and White Rescue Kitties Like to Snuggle on a Chair in My Studio

A little goes a long way holds true for art, too. Whether it means tackling a large project one little bit at a time or prioritizing little projects, like a daily sketchbook.

This summer I had a bit of a creative slump. I was working on art (though not as much as I would have liked) and nothing was firing me up. I hadn’t touched my sketchbooks much at all. In past years I would sketch in the garden every single day. Most days the sketches didn’t take me very long. But this year working in my sketchbook fell to the wayside. Was it really true I didn’t have time for it?

Sketching Otto's Thrill Dahlia with a Brush Pen

Then one day I sat down and sketched. And I sketched the next day. And the next. And it felt SO GOOD. I wasn’t sketching as part of a project or assignment. I was sketching just for me. And I began to feel more inspired in all areas of my life.

I love using Prismacolor Colored Pencils in my tan toned sketchbook

When’s the last time you did something just for you? When’s the last time you lavished yourself with attention or love? When’s the last time you worked on a project just for fun?

It doesn’t have to be big. You don’t need a lot of time (or money or materials). All you need is intention.

Delicate Bishop's Children Dahlia flowers in my studio

A little goes a long way.

Now go, do something just for you.