joy is a choice

Heart Rocks
Colorful Coneflowers: Watercolor Joy
a handful of violets
Spring Joy: Strawberries

Every day we're confronted with this choice: to choose joy... or not.

It's not an easy choice. I often struggle to see life's beauty and magic. The news headlines prove, day after day, that life is ugly and filled with greed and hate. And on a more personal scale, life regularly throws us challenges. I've had my fair share . My first leap for my creative dreams was a complete failure. At that point my marriage nearly fell apart and my relationship with my parents was strained nearly to breaking. That's when I first decided to choose joy. And life got better. 

It's still a constant struggle to battle life's challenges and ugliness with creativity, beauty and gratitude, but each and every day I make a point to choose joy.

I hope I can help you to choose it, too.

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The JoyLetters are an antidote to the ugliness and hate in the news. My intention is to inspire you to choose gratitude and joy, to embrace creative living in your own, beautiful way.

I do hope you'll join me in choosing joy.

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With Love from Anne
Beauty in Imperfection
Pansy Watercolor Painting by Anne Butera
Rose Petals
Green Zebra Tomatoes

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