Slow Going (and that's ok)

I came back from a trip to Seattle at 2 am on Wednesday morning and since then I’d been struggling to get back into the swing of things.

That is, until I realized I could let go of the pressure to do, do, do and give myself time to rest and readjust.

Rhododendron Flowers Blooming at a Garden in Seattle

The week before we left for vacation I came down with a nasty cold and the week before that I had had a string of headaches. My body was screaming at me to slow down, but until the cold forced me to, I wasn’t listening.

Do you do that, too?

The Space Needle on a Beautiful Day in Seattle

Now that I’m back I have lots of plans and ideas. My garden is waking up. I have a couple projects with deadlines, but most are more flexible. I’m also feeling the itch to rearrange and reorganize my studio a bit and to revamp my website.

But I’m determined not to give in to the overwhelm.

Camellias in Bloom at a Garden in Seattle

This morning as I was writing in my journal I noticed myself rushing the pen across the page, thinking about the next thing on my to-do list, not really present in the moment.

I stopped myself.

Slowed down.


Reminded myself of what I want this life to be.





Puget Sound seen from Saltwater State Park

My word for this year is GROW. And I’m coming to realize that part of the growth I’m seeking is internal. That sort of growth happens in my head. In my journal. In my sketchbooks. It’s quiet and it needs quiet. It also needs time and space.

All of this goes against our culture and goes against the imaginary online reality so many of us feel the pressure to create.

I’m digging in my heels. I’m settling in to quiet. To my journal. To my garden. To my sketchbooks. To my paints.

And I’m inviting you to join me. Join me in unplugging. Slowing down. Staking claim to the life YOU want, not the life you think you should have.

I’m not entirely sure what this will look like. I’m committed to continue to share my thoughts in this space and I invite you to share your thoughts here, too. I’ll be honest about my struggles and my joys. It might mean that I’m not as present on Instagram, or it might mean I’m present there in a different way. I don’t know.

I’m curious. What are you craving for your days? What sort of life do you hope to create?