words of encouragement (a fun, quick project)

Although I said I’d planned a studio update for winter, I’ve been making small changes this summer. Painting furniture. Switching out my sewing table. Putting up shelves.

A glimpse into Anne Butera's Studio

My colorful bookshelf and sewing table make me happy each time I walk into the room and I love having shelves over my painting table. Everything seems so much more organized (at least until I mess it up again).

My studio is a joyful place. Part of the joy comes from the simple fact of it. My own space to work and play. But part of it is what I choose to keep there. My flying pigs. Bits of my art and art by other artists. Colorful furniture. Twinkle lights.

Flying pigs bring me joy in my studio

I think it’s important to surround yourself with things that make you happy. One of these days I’ll share another studio tour (after I clean up my messes).

But until then I thought I’d share a fun little project that’s bringing some joy to my space.


Maybe it’s even too simple to call a project, but it took me long enough to get around to doing it. For some reason I was thinking I needed to get another Scrabble game. Every time I went thrifting I forgot to look at the games. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I played Scrabble (so long ago that there was still one of Holden’s hairs in the box. He’s been gone for almost 8 years).

painting by  Leigh Anna Newell

painting by Leigh Anna Newell

So one day I pulled out the game and arranged all the letters in alphabetical order and started spelling out words and phrases. I’ve already changed them up a couple times.

I love it! And wish I’d done it sooner.


If you have an unused Scrabble game in your home, go find it and start leaving messages for yourself (or your family). And if you decide you want to play a game or two, it’s easy enough to collect the trays and tiles to do it.