Tea Towels and Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Last night we got back from vacation, a trip to Ohio to visit Matthias’ family. We had a wonderful time. it was great to get away, to relax and have fun with family. The weather was lovely. A couple rain storms, but both days it rained it cleared up again. Sunny skies and warm air. One evening it was still 80 at 8:00 at night. To have one more taste of summer and be able to enjoy it? Just what the doctor ordered.

Back in Wisconsin this morning it is dreary, dark and wet. And I’m feeling lethargic. I have a big list of to-dos, but I’m also letting myself take things slowly. No need to rush or hurry. I plan to carry the relaxed feeling of vacation into these coming days.

We’ll see if I succeed.

In other news, voting for Tea Towel Calendars on Spoonflower is going on now and I’ve entered a new design:

Watercolor Butterflies Tea Towel Calendar by Anne Butera

I’m sure the butterflies look familiar.

Anne Butera Painting in the Studio Wearing a Top Made from Her Watercolor Butterfly Fabric

I had been wanting to make a tea towel design to coordinate with my butterfly fabric, but I just never got around to it. This year I had a different idea for my tea towel calendar, but I wasn’t fired up about it. Instead I created a design with my butterflies and I love it.

I hope you do, too, I would love to have your vote.

While I’m talking about fabric designs, I thought I’d mention that right now Spoonflower is having a sale on Velvet and Minky. I’ve never tried their Minky, but I made a pillow with the Celosia Velvet and love it. The sale ends today and I’m glad I got home in time to order some velvet to make more pillows.

I have other exciting things to share with you, but they can wait.

I will say that one thing on my to-do list is preparing for my show at Viva Gallery. I’m the guest artist for October and the opening is Thursday, October 3rd. I know most of you who read my blog are scattered far and wide, but if you happen live near to Viroqua, Wisconsin, I’d love to have you stop by next week.

That’s all for now. I hope you had a good week and that you have fun (or at least relaxing) things planned for the weekend!