Hello, and welcome to this new blog space. My old blog served me well for almost 8 years, but now it's time for everything to live under one roof.

I'm delighted to have you here with me!

Basil and Zucchini Harvest

These summer days have been filled with so many little joys. And so much creativity. Somehow creativity comes more easily during these long, barefoot days.

I brought my colander filled with zucchini and basil into the kitchen for a quick and delicious dinner this wek. The ease with which summer harvests can be turned into meals is such a joy to me.

I sautéed garlic with olive oil added the chopped zucchini and just before it was finished (but still crunchy) I mixed in the basil, roughly cut in strips. Served over couscous topped with shavings of parmesan cheese it was delicious.

Snapdragons in the Dining Room

I have enough flowers blooming now that I'm trying to remember to cut them and bring them inside.

First of the Zinnias

The zinnias and snapdragons will reward me later as they get bushier and bushier with more and more flowers.

Preparing to Begin Painting Barn Quilts

I've been working on garden projects and projects in the garden. Painting a couple barn quilts has been on my creative to-do list for longer than I'd care to admit. I found the wood, discarded on the side of the road last year. Although the shed I was going to hang them on no longer exists, I have a couple ideas of where they'll go.

Petunia Watercolor Sketch and a Clean Palette

Inspiration for my work in my studio is everywhere. In fact, I can't keep up.

These small original paintings are now available for purchase in my shop

These small original paintings are now available for purchase in my shop

It's no wonder that summer is my favorite season, even with the heat and the bugs.

What's been inspiring you lately?