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"The prettiest calendar to accompany me throughout the year. I return year after year. Anne's artwork and talent is exceptional. And her beautiful personality keep me a repeat customer!" --L.T.

Do you feel disconnected from the natural world? Do you feel the need to slow down? Are you yearning for color and a joyful connection to the magic and beauty of plants, flowers and nature?

"So beautiful in person it took my breath away. Absolutely stunning art from an incredible artist and very special person." --L.W

hi, my name is anne butera

My art delights in the magic and joy of plants, flowers and the natural world and I'm always thrilled to share that magic with you.

My creative journey was sparked by an overactive imagination and a natural curiosity. Before I ever dreamed of being an artist I started a blog, calling it "My Giant Strawberry" as a nod to my kindergarten self who got in trouble in school for telling stories of the enormous strawberry in her backyard.

I am a self-taught artist and it wasn't until my 30s when I embarked on a life-changing period of creative exploration that I fell in love with watercolor.

I was a gardener first, and so as I taught myself to paint, my garden was my classroom and paper and paint were my teachers. For me the inspiration to paint is a whisper of magic. As I study my subject I listen to its whispers and I return to enchanted childhood memories of playing in the dirt and climbing trees and making and dreaming. Maybe you just like flowers, or maybe, when you look at my art you hear the whispers, too.


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