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Welcome to my studio

Hi, I'm Anne Butera.

My creative journey was sparked by an overactive imagination and a natural curiosity. Before I ever dreamed of being an artist I started a blog, calling it "My Giant Strawberry" in honor of my kindergarten self who got in trouble in school for telling stories about the enormous strawberry in my backyard.

I am a self-taught artist and it wasn't until my 30s when I embarked on a life-changing period of creative exploration that I fell in love with watercolor.

Before I was a painter, I was a gardener and so, as I taught myself to paint my garden was my classroom and paper and paint were my teachers.

My colorful watercolors are inspired by the beauty, joy and magic of flowers, gardens and nature.


botanical joy

Add some joy to your world. My original paintings, archival prints and products with my designs are available for purchase in my shops.

freelance illustration


I love being able to bring my passion for capturing the natural world with water and paint to your ideas. I look at all of my custom paintings and illustrations as collaborations, whether I'm working with an art director, a small business owner or I'm creating a special painting for an individual.

Whenever possible I work directly from flowers and bits of nature collected in my backyard or on my daily walks with my rescued greyhounds. During the winter and sometimes when I'm creating illustrations for my customers and clients, I have to work from photographs or other reference material. I always strive to capture the joy and magic of my subject while also remaining botanically accurate.

Joy-filled patterns

Butterflies Pattern.jpg

Before I began painting, one of my favorite creative outlets was sewing. I've always enjoyed working with beautiful fabrics, delighting in their colors and patterns. Simply holding these fabrics in my hands was inspiring.

After I'd learned to paint, eventually I realized that I could translate my watercolor illustrations into surface pattern design and even create my own fabric. I designed a collection around the joys of summer and offered it for sale on Spoonflower.

a passion to inspire

Are you curious about art-making? Do you wish you could paint? As a self-taught artist I am passionate about helping others to embrace their creativity and discover their joy. Through my blog and the classes I teach I aim to inspire and encourage as you navigate your own art journey.

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