Beginning in the summer of 2016 I began interviewing artists on my blog about their experiences with sketchbooks. I invited these guest artists to share a peek into their sketchbooks and also share their advice for anyone wanting to begin keeping their own sketchbook.

For a long time, even after I began making art on a regular basis, I was intimidated by sketchbooks and a bit afraid to work in them. After talking to many people I found that this is a common feeling, but it's also one that can be challenged and overcome.

I believe that there is so much we can learn from one another and my aim with this series is to provoke thoughtful conversation about the practice of keeping sketchbooks and prove one of the most important truths about that practice: there is no right or wrong way to go about keeping one.

I also hope to inspire you to try something you never before thought possible, whether it's a sketchbook or something else entirely!

Although the Sketchbook Conversations series on my blog has ended, I hope that these mini interviews (and my in-depth Artist Interviews) will continue to inspire and challenge you in your own creative endeavors. I will continue to share my thoughts about sketchbooks on my blog and wish you well on your creative journeys. Thank you for following along on mine!

The guest artists:

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