A Gift of Gratitude and Joy...

I started writing Joy Lists five years ago as a way to focus on hope during a difficult period in my life. Since then that practice has woven itself through my creative journey and become entwined with My Giant Strawberry and everything it stands for.

The practice of keeping Joy Lists, of taking time for reflection and gratitude can be life-changing. It can take you through difficult times and it can help you to be fully present and savor the good times, too.

As a special gift for you I've created printable Joy and Gratitude Lists that you can use for your own Joy practice.

You can download your own lists here.

The text and imagery is all in black so you don't need a color printer. After printing cut the letter sized sheets in half both length-wise and width wise and you'll have four lists from each page.

I like the simplicity of the black line drawings on white paper, but you can also have fun coloring the images with colored pencil or fine tipped markers or try printing the lists on colored paper or card stock.

Print as many as you'd like so you'll always have a place to collect your gratitude and joy. I hope you'll take time each day to reflect on the beauty and joy that always surrounds you.




Please remember that this is for personal use only. Thank you for respecting my art!