Watercolor Kitchen Garden Botanical Print Set

Watercolor Kitchen Garden Botanical Print Set


This archival watercolor print set reproduces three of my original watercolor paintings celebrating the abundance of the summer garden.

Imagine a summer flower garden, a-hum with bees and the buzz of hovering hummingbirds. Smell the mingled fragrances of herbs and soil and green growing things, the spicy tang of pollen, the peppery bite of nasturtiums and the unmistakable incense of marigolds and tomatoes. Do you feel the sun on your face? Surrounded by flowers and herbs and vegetables in the peace of the garden, what magic!

This set is for three 8x10 fine art prints: one print depicts a tangle of flowers and herbs and the other two depict a mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Framed and hung on your wall these prints will be a constant reminder of the glories of summer, no matter the weather out your window. A perfect instant collection for your kitchen, dining room or anywhere you need a bit of botanical color.

I take great care with the whole print-making process, from scanning the image to resizing it to checking the colors and printing test prints, it's a long process that yields a beautiful result. The velvet fine art paper is textured and matte made from 100% cotton fibers. The texture is somewhere between that of cold pressed and hot pressed watercolor paper, a little less tooth than the former and a little more tooth than the latter. It reproduces my paintings beautifully.

Prints measure 8 inches by 10 inches and are ready to be framed and hung in your home.

Prints are signed with my initials.

Note: Image copyright and reproduction rights are not included with the prints.

Prints are unframed and not matted.

Every order is lovingly gift wrapped with a handwritten note. You can see an example in the last photos.

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