Nasturtium Bouquet Watercolor Painting

Nasturtium Bouquet Watercolor Painting


Do you remember nasturtiums in the gardens of your childhood? After the rain the leaves (reminiscent of lily pads, a delight in itself) collect drops of water that glitter like diamonds. Try to pick up those diamonds and they transform back into water. Only the leaves know the magic to hold onto the jewels.

The flowers are jewel-like themselves. Bright and colorful with an intriguing shape. Hummingbirds adore them and added to salads they bring, spiciness, color and a playful elegance.

So much magic in a humble, common garden plant!

This painting depicts a bunch of nasturtiums in oranges, yellows, red and rust. The flowers and stems mingle as if the bouquet has just been set down. 

Framed and hung on your wall this painting will whisper its magic to you each day, reminding you to always find joy in the ordinary.


Paper Size: 10" x 13” (25.5 cm x 33 cm)
Image Size: 8" x 5.5" (20.5 cm x 14 cm)
Paper: professional, heavyweight (140 lb), acid free watercolor paper
Paint: artist grade watercolors from a variety of manufacturers
Palette: oranges, yellows, rust, red, greens

As with all of my art and products, each order is lovingly gift-wrapped includes a handwritten note, (see last two photos for examples) and is shipped (with insurance) so that it arrives safely to your door.

Painting is unframed.

Painting is signed with my initials.

Note: Image copyright and reproduction rights are not included with the painting

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