Maple Seed Watercolor Series Painting 8

Maple Seed Watercolor Series Painting 8


Maple seeds are a bit magical, don't you think? They are a springtime joy that recall childhood memories. Did you launch them into the air so they could helicopter to the ground? To this day, don't they fill you with a bit of glee when they start whirling from the trees?

If you look carefully at a maple seed it is so delicate and elegant. A beautiful design. This painting captures the beauty and elegance of a double maple seed where one of the seeds is larger than the other. It whispers of childhood memories, a special secret shared with you.

It is one of a series of little paintings I created in the spring of 2019. Any of them would look especially beautiful in a group with the others. An example of a combination can be seen in the fourth photo.

Frame it and hang it in your home and it will add a bit of joy to your everyday.

Painting details:
Paper Size: 5" x 5" (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm)
Image Size: 1.25" x 2.75" (3.2 cm x 7 cm)
Paper: professional, heavyweight (140 lb), acid free watercolor paper
Paint: artist grade watercolors from a variety of manufacturers
Palette: tans, yellows, greens, browns

Painting is unframed.

Note: Image copyright and reproduction rights are not included with the painting. Painting is signed with my initials.

Every order is lovingly gift wrapped with a handwritten note. You can see examples in the last photos.

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