The thrill of the first flower unfurling in the spring. The bliss of a sun warm tomato eaten straight from the vine. The perfection of a handful of acorns discovered on a walk. 

There's magic in even the most ordinary bits of nature.

Hi, I’m Anne Butera

My creative journey was sparked by an overactive imagination and a natural curiosity. Before I ever dreamed of being an artist, I started a blog and called it "My Giant Strawberry" as a nod to my kindergarten self who got in trouble in school for talking about the enormous strawberry in her backyard.

This Watercolor Painting By Anne Butera Captures Heirloom Tomatoes on Paper and Celebrates the Magic and Beauty of Simple Garden Bounty
Anne Butera Working in Her Studio and Delighting in the Beauty and Joy of Garden Flowers

I grew up in suburban Chicago in a loving and creative home. My parents nurtured my imagination, nourished me with stories and surrounded me with art, crafts, music and gardens. 

As an adult I lost touch with the magic and joy of creativity and it took me many years to realize that a life with art at its center was even possible.

My creative journey hasn’t progressed in a straight line.

There were missteps, wrong turns, detours and delays. There were heartbreaks and challenges.

I took a life-changing leap for my dreams in 2010 and ended up falling flat on my face.

At times I felt lost and hopeless. And yet, a beautiful dream continued to beckon.

Teaching myself to paint with watercolor took time and patience, but passion and stubbornness compelled me to keep going.

Today I live and work in a small town in the beautiful Driftless region of rural Wisconsin. I garden. I paint. I design joyful patterns created from my watercolor illustrations. I collaborate with clients and license my illustrations. My beautiful dream is flourishing.

Thank you for being here, reading my story. I hope that my art speaks to you. For me, it's not about the paint, though the paint itself does bring me joy. It's not about the image that appears on the empty page, though that, too, is magical. It's about that connection with nature and its whisper of magic and joy.

Maybe you just like flowers, or maybe, when you look at my art you hear the whispers, too.

The Humble Nasturtium is one of Anne Butera's Favorite Subjects for her Botanical Watercolor Paintings

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