A Gift of Gratitude and Joy...

I started writing Joy Lists five years ago as a way to focus on hope during a difficult period in my life. Since then that practice has woven itself through my creative journey and become entwined with My Giant Strawberry and everything it stands for.

The practice of keeping Joy Lists, of taking time for reflection and gratitude can be life-changing. It can take you through difficult times and it can help you to be fully present and savor the good times, too.

As a special gift this holiday season I worked with Dana Barbieri, the artist with whom I collaborated on the 2x2 Sketchbook, to create a mini gratitude journal to help you develop your own practice of gratitude and joy.

Abundant Joy Booklet by Dana Barbieri and Anne Butera
Abundant Joy Gratitude Journal by Anne Butera and Dana Barbieri
Abundant Joy Gratitude Journal by Dana Barbieri and Anne Butera

I printed mine on white card stock with my everyday printer. I chose the highest quality print setting and set the paper type to plain paper. I first printed one side and then reloaded the paper to print the other side (first time I printed it upside down!). If you have a printer capable of 2-sided printing, simply choose that option. If you don't have a color printer at home, save the file and bring it on a flash drive to your local print shop (Dana printed her copy this way and it only cost her $1.50 and only took a few minutes). Your local library might also have a color printer you could use.

I hope that you will enjoy filling your booklet with gratitude and joy and that you will carry the practice with you throughout the year.



Please remember that this booklet is for personal use only. Thank you for respecting our art!