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I've prepared two gifts that I hope will also bring you joy throughout the year. One is a downloadable art print of my maple seed wreath watercolor illustration (you can download it by clicking here, on the words above or the wreath image).


Once you've downloaded the image, simply print it out on your highest quality print setting using a high quality paper (for suggestions of paper you can read this blog post). The file is sized to print on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper and the print would look great in a 5"x5" or 8"x8" frame or a frame matted to that size (just trim off the excess paper).

The second gift uses the same image as a cover decoration for a sweet little notebook.

One of the things that I've found most helpful on my creative journey is keeping Joy Lists (you can read more about them in this blog post). Taking time to stop, pay attention and notice the little beauties around us keeps us in the moment. It reminds us to be grateful for the magic in the everyday. It keeps us open to creative possibility. 

Having a dedicated notebook to write Joy Lists makes it special. I've created some downloadable art so you can make a simple notebook to hold your joys, or whatever else you'd like. Sketches. Daydreams. It's up to you.

First, download the printable PDF here and gather your other materials. You'll need:

  1. a piece of letter sized (8.5"x11") card stock for the cover -- I used kraft paper card stock
  2. a piece of white, letter sized card stock or matte photo paper to print the artwork
  3. about 15 letter sized pieces of paper for the interior pages -- I used plain printer paper
  4. a paper trimmer or a blade and straight edge
  5. glue
  6. something to bind the book -- I used a sewing machine, but a needle and thread would also work or you could use a stapler with a long arm
Print Out the Artwork and Gather Your Supplies

After you print out the artwork page, cut the page in half, separating the notebook's endpaper from the cover decoration. The end paper will have white edges on three sides. Trim these edges off (1/4" off the left side. 1/8" off the top and bottom).

First Step Cut the Page in Half
Trim the White Edges from the End Paper






Cut out the cover decoration, trimming along the edges of the green square (it should measure 3.75 inches square). Cut out the maple seed wreath so that its square measures 3.5 inches (note: you will only need to trim the bottom and right sides away from the wreath - the other two edges will be created when you cut away the endpaper and the green square).

Cut out the Green Square and the Maple Seed Wreath

Next cut out your cover by cutting the colored card stock in half lengthwise. You will also need to cut your interior pages (use as many as you would like -- 15 sheets is a good number). For the best fit first trim 1/2" off the top and one side of the letter sized sheets and then trim the sheets in half lengthwise.

Cut the Card Stock in Half
Cut the interior pages




Now you are ready to assemble your notebook. Glue the endpaper onto the card stock cover. This works best if you first fold each sheet in half and then line up the creases in the center to position the endpaper. Next glue the maple seed wreath centered onto the green square. Glue that decoration onto the front cover. 

Glue the Endpaper to the Cover
Glue the Decoration to the Front Cover



Finally, fold the interior pages in half and attach them to the cover. If you have a sewing machine, the simplest way to do this is to line up the folds, center the pages and then sew a straight line along the fold (use a very sharp needle -- a denim needle would be perfect). Alternatively, pre-punch holes with a tiny hole punch, an awl or a needle and then hand sew. You will only need to secure the pages to the cover in a couple places. If you have a long armed stapler, stapling would work perfectly, too.

Sew the pages onto the cover
Sew the Blank Pages into the Center

Now your notebook is ready to collect your joys, sketches or daydreams.

Enjoy Your Sweet Notebook

Thank you, again, for coming along on my journey. Your encouragement and support mean so much to me.

Wishing you days filled with many beauties and much joy!


Please remember that this is intended for personal use only. Thank you for respecting my artwork!