Mandy Saile is known for her colorful, whimsical art, inspired in part by her furry family of rescued bunnies.


Arielle Rassel designs the jewelry for her business Lemesto, but she's also a theme park designer working on projects for theme parks all over the world. Joy is her main motivator whether she's designing on a large scale or a small one.


Taylor McVay is the designer behind the sewing pattern company Blueprints for Sewing.


Arianne Foulks is the Captain and Founder of Aeolidia the friendly design team that helps creative businesses set up shop online.


Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio is a London-based artists who creates plaster cast tiles that are "beautiful impressions of wonderful things.  


Jill and Kayla Haupt are the mother-daughter team behind Under a Tin Roof, a small business built around a love of all things handmade, country living and their bond as mother and daughter.


Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and the creator of the popular blog Going Home to Roost. She strives to "live an extraordinarily creative life" and to encourage others to do the same.


Emily Blass is a graphic designer living in Los Angeles. She runs the design studio Emily Harwood Blass.


Jenny Blair is a textile artist located in Scotland. She is the creator of the website Bloom and Sew where she sells kits and patterns for the modern stitcher.


Penelope Dullaghan is an illustrator based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She founded the design site Illustration Friday.


Lisa Estabrook is an artist, gardener, graphic designer, wife and mother. Through her art and her blog she shares a spiritual, healing connection to the world of plants and flowers.


Sarah Owens is an James Beard Award-winning author of the book Sourdough. She wears many creative hats including that of a baker, a horticulturalist and a ceramicist. 


Amy Ambroult is a jeweler and teacher living in the Boston area. She runs the company AG Ambroult Designs.


Jayme Marie Henderson is a sommelier at a busy Denver restaurant. She is also a freelance writer, recipe developer and photographer. She keeps the blog Holly and Flora.


Laurie Lewis is a gardener, photographer, jewelry-maker living in North Carolina. She writes the blog Hedgerow Rose.


Sharon Rohloff is a soft toy designer living in Boulder Colorado. She writes the blog The Teacup Incident.


Sarah Venema is a photographer based in Evergreen, Colorado.


Jenny Jo is the artist behind Pet Chicken Ranch. She lives with a feathery flock in California and creates fabric chicken sculptures inspired by her hens.


Shannon Kinney-Duh is an artist, mother, writer and life coach based in Colorado. She teaches e-courses and runs the website A Free Spirit Life.


Sarah Hand is an artist and teacher based in Virginia.


Nora Leschinski is an artist and wood carver in Germany.


Photo credits: all photos © the artist except the photos of Bonnie Christine © Callie Lynch, Sarah Owens © Ngoc Minh Ngo, Emily Blass © Kate Danson and Rachel Dein © Andrew Montgomery