Painting Orchids and Remembering to Just Keep Going: Sharing the process of this orchid painting and the battle between wanting to quit and continuing to paint.


2017 Tea Towel Calendar: Designing a tea towel calendar for the Spoonflower contest using my watercolor images depicting joy from the kitchen garden.


Getting to Summer Bliss, the Story Behind My New Fabric Collection: The debut of my first fabric collection based on my original watercolor paintings and inspired by the magic and joy of summer.


In the Studio Painting Houseplants (again): Painting another houseplant portrait inspired by the beautiful purple oxalis growing on my windowsill.


Nasturtiums! A watercolor bouquet of nasturtiums, tiny single nasturtium paintings,  nasturtium fabric design and a nasturtium linocut... my garden nasturtiums inspire so much art.


The Story of a Custom Painting or How a Commission Works: I explain the commission process with this custom herb painting as an example.


The Story of a Painting: Watch as I paint a cyclamen plant from start to finish.


Flowers in Winter -- Two New Paintings and Dreams of the Garden: During winter it's hard for me to find motivation and inspiration. Here I share two paintings created during the most difficult time for me, creatively.


Painting Marigolds and a Confession: Sharing the process of a painting of marigolds and the big mistake that nearly ruined it.


Tulips Blooming in the Studio: The first painting of the year painted from flowers blooming in my garden. Such a joy to inaugurate the season.


Back in the Studio Painting Orchids: After not having the time to paint a large painting I returned to the studio and rediscovered the joy of watercolors.


Obsessed with: Goldfish! I share the series of goldfish watercolor paintings.


Painting a Love Song to Summer -- My Summer Garden in Watercolor: I painted a love song to my summer garden in the form of a flower-filled watercolor.


Hudson Valley Seed Library and the Philadelphia Flower Show: I painted a piece for a contest arranged by the Hudson Valley Seed Library and my painting was displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Knowing When to Battle Hesitancy: Sometimes it's good to listen to your hesitation. Other times it's important to work past it. Here I share an instance of the latter and the gingko leaf wreath I created while doing so.


Coneflowers - a new botanical watercolor painting: Sharing the process behind this colorful, joy-filled painting of garden coneflowers.


2x2 is a sketchbook collaboration between Dana Barbieri and me. We share the art we've created each week on our blogs. Catch up on all the posts here. The project was featured in Issue 29 of Uppercase Magazine.


15 Days of Designing Repeat Patterns: In March of 2016 I participated in Spoonflower's Design-a-Day Challenge and entered my watercolor goldfish fabric design (winning 3rd place!).


Beginning a Daily Sketchbook Habit -- Thoughts after the First 30 Pages: Sketchbooks used to frighten me. Here I share my thoughts after diving into a daily sketchbook practice.


In My Studio: Marigolds A watercolor painting from start to finish.


Acorns!: The story of this fun painting of acorns arranged in a wreath shape.


Introducing the 2017 Watercolor Calendar and Looking Back at the Previous Three Years' Designs: Sharing thoughts on four years of creating calendars illustrated with my original watercolor designs.


Living with Plants: Fiddle Leaf Fig: Sharing my experiences growing this popular houseplant and the sketches and final paintings inspired by it.


What I Learned from a Month of Painting Every Day: In September of 2015 I challenged myself to paint a finished piece each day of the month. I ended up completing 37 paintings during the month and learning a lot about myself and my art.


In the Studio... Painting Peonies: I cut a bouquet of peonies and bring them into the studio to paint.


Violets: I bring a handful of wild violets into the studio to paint.

contemplating art and business

Venturing Out of My Comfort Zone: Experimenting with Gouache and colored pencils in my sketchbooks and sharing my thoughts on the discomfort of trying new things.


Looking Back at My Journey as an Artist: Sometimes it's good to take a look backward and see how far we've come


The Joy of Artful Blogging: Sharing the dream-come-true experience of being featured in Artful Blogging Magazine.


Thoughts on the Business of Art: Finding your place in the noisy marketplace is a tricky task.


My First Solo Art Exhibit: Sharing thoughts about the first solo exhibit of my art.


Keep Going: Don't give up even when (or maybe especially when) things aren't going as planned.


Instagram, Sketchbooks and Daily Art Practice: Daily art practice is invaluable for gaining skills as an artist, but sharing everything, everyday can be stifling. The key? Finding balance.


Thinking about Rejection, Failure and Messages from the Universe: What does rejection mean and how can we learn from it?


My Favorite Watercolor Supplies and Tools Part 1 -- Paint: Discussing different types of watercolor paint and sharing my favorite brands.


Sketchbook Conversations: a series of mini interviews with artists who share peeks into their sketchbooks and their thoughts about their sketchbook practice.


Some Thoughts on Developing Your Style: who you are will shape your art style. Be true to yourself and your art will be authentically you.


A Lesson From Lilies and Thoughts about Doubt and Gratitude: Painting is the only way to overcome the fear of painting.

My Favorite Watercolor Supplies and Tools Part 2 -- Paper: Sharing my thoughts on different types and brands of watercolor paper and which work best for me.


Battling Overwhelm with Focus: If you're feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, it helps to slow down and tackle things one at a time.


Interested in Learning How to Paint with Watercolor? A Resource Roundup: A list of links to websites, tutorials and blog posts to help you learn how to paint with watercolor.


You Never Know What's Going to Happen Next: Taking chances with your art will lead you to unexpected discoveries.

My Favorite Watercolor Supplies and Tools Part 3 -- Brushes: I discuss different types of watercolor brushes and share which brand has been my favorite.


Writing a Letter of Hope, Encouragement and Love to My Past Self: If you look back at your creative journey, you might be surprised by all that you've accomplished. Try writing a letter to a younger you, looking back with tenderness and love.


Drawing and Sketching Resources: Want to learn how to draw or sketch? In this post I share some resources to help you get started.


Sketchbook Supplies and Tools and a Few Thoughts: Looking for a new Sketchbook? Here I share my experiences with sketchbooks and which I like the best.


Trying New Things: Embracing Markers in my Sketchbook: Sometimes it takes a lot of experimenting before you become comfortable with a new medium. Here I share what I've learned playing with markers.


Artist Interviews: Learn from others in this series of monthly Artist Interviews where I chat with and share the work of some inspiring artists who are living their joy.